20% of BridgeSource® Profits Goes to Charity!

About BridgeSource Capital Corp.

Relationship-Oriented and Asset-Based.

Bridgesource® Capital Corp. is a boutique professional services firm dedicated to meeting the needs of both our borrowers and our investors with a collaborative, sophisticated, and compassionate approach towards win-win solutions. We have the experience, sophistication, and mindset that enables us to eschew bureaucratic rules and roadblocks in favor of focusing on personalized and sensible solutions; our only unbreakable rule is the “Golden Rule.” 

Underwriting is primarily asset-based, not borrower-based. But we intend to work only with transparent and reasonable borrowers, brokers, and investors.

No Loan Committee.

We work with each Borrower to quickly arrive at a feasible and mutually acceptable Loan Commitment. Once signed, the Loan Commitment need not be approved by any committee, supervisor, or investor. As soon as the conditions specified in the Loan Commitment are satisfied, funding can occur. We intend to focus on only one deal at a time to ensure the most personalized, efficient, and knowledgeable service.

Experienced and Sophisticated Team.

The two founders and principals of Bridgesource Capital Corp. have decades of experience in facilitating and closing billions of dollars of debt and equity financing, as well as real estate acquisitions and dispositions. Borrowers or their brokers deal directly with Jeff Schneider, President of Bridgesource® Capital Corp. [CA BRE Lic. No. 00999620]. Because of our experience and the relatively unrestricted nature of the funds available for Bridgesource® loans, we are quicker, easier to deal with, and can find solutions where banks or MBS originators can’t or won’t.

The Lender-Investors

The investors behind Bridgesource-facilitated loans are private individuals or families (or closely-held entities controlled by individuals or families), who are more interested in protecting their life-savings from loss, than in maximizing return. Therefore, if a loan cannot be structured in a way to minimize risk to the lender, no Bridgesource® Loan Commitment will be issued.


Bridgesource is dedicated to win-win-win: for the borrower, the lender, AND the community. We therefore donate at least 20% of Bridgesource® Capital Corp.’s profit to organizations serving the mentally-ill or homeless.